Kingdom Come: Deliverance Day One Patch Size is 23GB

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nintendo, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. tet666

    tet666 Member

    Compression is a thing you know if the game doesn't have huge video files (and i highly doubt this has any) it should compress pretty well.
  2. Fiery Phoenix

    Fiery Phoenix Member

    Did they re-add assets rather than fixing what's on there?
  3. Coriolanus

    Coriolanus Member

    if the game cant run at all from the data present on the disc and it doesnt show Internet Connection Required on the box, i'd be scammy af tho
  4. SHAQ

    SHAQ Member


    edit: we need a like system on here. WTF Era.
  5. daniel77733

    daniel77733 Banned Member

    In other words, instead of releasing the game on a disc that has only 100MB of data on it in which you then have to download the 23gb patch, why not just release the game as digital only? Meaning game/patch in one single download and no retail version. Just don't see the point in even wasting the money, time and resources to make the game available on disc if doesn't even contain the game itself.

    It is just as bad as retail games having just a download code inside. Like, WTF is the point? I would have made the game digital only, sell it for $40 instead of $60 and probably get a lot more sales for the game while at the same time, avoiding any possible complaints regarding this situation/decision.

    Hoping that Deep Silver doesn't do this shit with Metro Exodus.
  6. Azzanadra

    Azzanadra Member

    When are reviews coming out for this game?
  7. Bond

    Bond Member

    I have a strange feeling that Kingdom Come is going to be bug ridden on release, didn't Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 have similar patch sizes?. This is not a good sign
  8. hibikase

    hibikase Member

    Wait so what happens if you try to launch the game without updating it?
  9. tet666

    tet666 Member

    Nothing there is nothing to launch lol.
  10. Frostman

    Frostman Banned Member

    Looks like it’ll be on release according to the subreddit.

    I don’t mind the big patch sizes personally but I understand why they are a problem.
  11. Flips

    Flips Member

    A Warhorse PR guy mentioned in a preview video that the game has about 4 hours worth of cutscenes. Don't know about their file size though.
  12. jesu

    jesu Member

    quoted for the new page
  13. Trace

    Trace Member

    Aren't the cutscenes ingame in this one?
  14. hibikase

    hibikase Member

    There would need to be something, it wouldn't be a valid PS4 disc otherwise.
  15. Frostman

    Frostman Banned Member

    The Twitch streams have been fine that I’ve seen, no major bugs. But of course that doesn’t mean on release, with a much larger player pool, that some won’t be discovered.
  16. tet666

    tet666 Member

    Cutscenes are all in-engine judging by the videos i've seen so far.
  17. Flips

    Flips Member

    Alright. It was just an uneducated guess then.
  18. #68
    So, let me stop the rumor mill dead in its tracks before everyone continues jumping to conclusions. The way that I've been told that the engine works, is it takes the entire game and separates the PKG or ISO into 2GB archives. If during a patch you so much as alter a 1KB text file within any of these 2GB archives, then you need to reupload the ENTIRE 2GB portion. That beings said, this is a major patch that improves overarching mechanics throughout the game, so it touches almost all of these 2GB archives in the entire game build. Essentially you are having to redownload the game to replace the existing files. It shouldn't stack them and inflate on your harddrive, but rather replace the previously downloaded build files.
  19. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member

    I thought we got rid of omega sized day 1 patches smh
  20. #70
    I enjoy my hefty digital library too- but some gamers have a data limit per month. Imagine purchasing a physical copy & hit with the Full game download without stating this requirement on the box?

    I agree. Is this confirmed for this retail release? Does anyone know if Kingdom Come can be played Offline?
  21. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    But the game is 23 GB..
  22. Trace

    Trace Member

    Thanks for the clarification. If there's one thing Era does best it's jumping to conclusions over no evidence.
  23. #73
    Game is different sizes in different regions depending on how much VO languages are in it.
  24. PeskyToaster

    PeskyToaster Member

    When I got a physical version of Total War Warhammer II it basically just opens up steam to download it.
  25. Nintendo

    Nintendo Member Original Poster

    Is this confirmed? Does Sony/MS even allow such thing ?
  26. Reckheim

    Reckheim Member

    This, and the other post should be in the OP if possible.

    Thanks for the clarification.
  27. Trace

    Trace Member

    Could you put the two Deep Silver quotes in the OP please?
  28. Aters

    Aters Member

    because some people only buy retail discs.
  29. 5taquitos

    5taquitos Member

    They don't really address the disc only having 100ish mb of data (if that's actually true).
  30. Gbraga

    Gbraga Member

    That's how a lot of games work, but the rumor part is that the game only comes with 100mb, can you confirm that's not true?

    From the other thread:

  31. Trace

    Trace Member

    He literally just said the game doesn't have 100mb of data. It's replacing the entire game, not that the game doesn't exist on disk at all.
  32. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    The same thing happened to LA Noire Remastered. The entire game is probably on the disc if you install it offline, but if you are online, it downloads a patch that is there entire game, and it pretty much overwrites everything that is on the disc. I don`t get why they do this.

  33. FHIZ

    FHIZ Member

    Someone needs to test this for science
  34. #84
    The game only comes with 100mb? This is 100% not true. The game, whether physical or digital, comes as a fully first party QA approved product. However, since we all waiting four years the for game, I'd recommend waiting another hour to download the patch that the Warhorse team was able to use the 6-weeks (at least) between submission of the final build and its release date to continue to work on and polish.
  35. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    Nope. Like I said, the entire game is probably on the disc, but if you install it while being online, the "patch" pretty much overwrite everything that is on the disc. It`s a decent solution if you don`t have Internet at all, but it`s completely insane if you have Internet, and just want to be able to patch the game and save data.
  36. Sloane Ranger

    Sloane Ranger Member

    Congrats on the launch! I have not looked forward to a new IP this much in quite awhile!
  37. NinjaScooter

    NinjaScooter Member

    To have a retail presence.
  38. Gbraga

    Gbraga Member

    That's actually pretty neat if that's the case. Instead of wasting your time making you install the whole game only to replace it, it already detects the patch and ignores the disc. Didn't know consoles could even do that.

    Awesome, that puts it to rest, I'll even edit my post in the first page. Thank you!
  39. Dazraell

    Dazraell Member

    It's a unfortunate situation but if that means a better and more polished experience, I can wait a little bit more. I hope that the game will perform well on regular PS4, though.
  40. NinjaScooter

    NinjaScooter Member

    Isn’t this an unnecessary waste of bandwidth for consumers?
  41. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    It doesn`t bother me as long as the entire game is on the disc, but I don`t know why the patch have to replace the entire disc content.
  42. Edge

    Edge Community Resettler Member


    That screenshot is from me and I don't know what should be not true about this. It downloads the complete game and only installs around 100mb from the disc, what can I say, it's what it is.

    Haven't tested to install it offline but that's what it does when I'm online.
  43. Trace

    Trace Member

    Please read the thread this was already explained.
  44. Gbraga

    Gbraga Member

    I think it's just an unfortunate consequence of the patch changing things that are all over the place and require full 2GB file replacements, which ended up adding to be the whole game.

    The 1.02 patch is apparently 5GB by itself if you already had 1.01, so that's like 3 files being replaced.

    He's not saying your screenshot is false, only that you can in fact play it offline, the game doesn't require an internet conection.
  45. Paul

    Paul Member

    Lot can be improved in the 6 weeks between submission and shipping, but I am glad with steam I will just get the up to date copy right away.
  46. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    The entire game is on the disc, but yes, they allow it. CoD WW2 campaign mode was completely locked behind a patch, but I think publishers have to state this on the box.
  47. Hawk269

    Hawk269 Member

    Hi WillJPowers. In one of the other Kingdom threads a user is playing this on the Xbox One X and is reporting stuttering/micro stutters. Is the team aware of this issue? In addition, in some of the videos he posted, he is in a room and only a few feet away objects are appearing/ looks odd and seems like it is a LOD issue. Other parts of his video's you don't see it. Any word on any additional fixes the team is working on?
  48. tet666

    tet666 Member

    He allrdy addressed that and this doesn't mean there are only 100mb on the disc just that the patch files take priority...
  49. AegonSnake

    AegonSnake Member

    Good to see devs on here. the outrage machine can get out of hand really bad here on era.
  50. Edge

    Edge Community Resettler Member

    Is it out on Xbox too? Only had 1.01 there.

    Alright, got it, thanks.


    Does 1.02 fix the horrible framepacing?

    That should be priority number one next. It's awful how the whole screen stutters and stops every 2 seconds, it's throughout the whole video.
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